Eagle Lake Protection Program
From the President of the Eagle Lake Improvement Association, Brian Younger
I am excited to announce the launch of ELIA’s major, multi-year initiative to positively impact the quality of the lake: The Eagle Lake Protection Program.  It is a 4-step process modeled after a typical healthcare treatment plan.
Eagle Lake is sick because of too much phosphorus.  When you and I get sick, we go to our healthcare provider for help.  What steps do they take?  They first gather data on our condition and situation by ordering sophisticated lab work, diagnostic imaging, and other tests to get a complete picture of the problem.  You might ask why the lake needs diagnostics when we already know the problem is too much phosphorus?  Because we really don’t know specifically where the phosphorus is coming from.  Is it from Eagle Creek inflow under Highway 75, or inflow from Oakcrest Creek south of Michael’s On The Lake?  Is it from phosphorus already present in the lake, buried in the bottom sediment and gradually seeping into the water?  Could there even be another source?
Armed with this information, we can proceed as your healthcare provider would, to make a specific diagnosis and research treatment plans based on current best practices and the experience of others.  Treatment plans are then chosen, funded, and implemented.  Data gathering continues to determine whether treatments are producing the desired results and adjustments might be made to further improve the lake’s health.  ELIA’s board of directors adopted this vision statement for our new endeavor:
“The goal of the Eagle Lake Protection Program is to make fundamental changes to Eagle Lake and its watershed to enhance the enjoyment of the lake for current and future generations.”
The first step in this process, the Eagle Lake Water Testing Program, is now underway. ELIA has contracted with Dr. Marcel Dijkstra and the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh Environmental Research and Innovation Center to assist us and provide technical expertise in the process.
We urge the entire lake community to join us in positively impacting the quality of Eagle Lake!
How Will We Pay For This?
For year 1 of this multi-year effort, we budgeted $10,000 to cover the expanded Eagle Lake Water Testing Program.  With our goal to raise $3,750 in private donations we will cover the remainder ourselves by tapping into our financial reserves.
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We urge the entire lake community to join us in positively impacting the quality of Eagle Lake ...
... and we thank you for considering this special donation.