Meet The Board
Brian Younger, Terrace
Marie Frederick, East Shore
Judy Amundsen, Pan Yack Park
Chuck Glover, Manor
Jill Frey, Regency Condos
Mike Heft, Manor
Don Hermes, East Shore
Judy Hibbard, Island
Kat Leunig, North Shore
Clay Marquardt, Pan Yack Park
Pat McGinnis, Island
Lisa Moulton, Pan Yack Park
Bruce Pett, Manor
Charlie Planek, Island
Kent Zunker, Regency Condos
Eagle Bay/Woodlands (open position)

Meet Our President, Brian Younger

Brian Younger
My wife and I love living on Eagle Lake!  We bought our home in the Terrace in 1996 as a weekend place when we were living in the northern Chicago suburbs.  We moved up to the lake full-time in 2006 after our three kids finished high school.  I got involved with the Improvement Association and joined the Board shortly after we bought our home.  I became President a few years back.
I spent most of my career as a management consultant in the healthcare industry; I’m mostly retired at this point.  I now try to apply my collaborative and leadership skills to the Eagle Lake community.  I also Chair the Eagle Lake Watershed Task Force, which is a joint effort of the Eagle Lake Improvement Association and the Eagle Lake Management District.  I am committed to making Eagle Lake better, and the Eagle Lake community a better place to live!

Nancy and I love to cruise the lake on our pontoon boat, and also to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake and the richness of the lake environment.  Our property affords us a great vantage point and view of lake activities.  As we look out over the lake, we often use the expression “there is always something happening at the theatre of the lake”.  I also particularly enjoy catching fish off our dock (the 19” bass in the picture of course immediately went back into the lake!).

Meet Our Vice President, Marie Frederick

Marie Frederick
I grew up in Eagle Lake Terrace and for the last 10 years or so, I’ve lived on the East Shore with my husband, Brian, and three of our children.  As the 6th generation of my family to live here, I feel a strong sense of stewardship to maintain the quality of life, preserving land and water. My favorite things about living on Eagle Lake include sunsets coloring the water and sky, watching storms roll across the lake from the west, and being out on the water or ice with family and friends, or just myself. In addition to being an ELIA board member, I’m a commissioner for the Eagle Lake Sewer Utility District, a Kan-Do 4-H leader, a St. Mary-Dover parishioner and active at Catholic Central High School. For work, I’m a tour guide for Milwaukee Food & City Tours, and the Special Events & Public Relations Director for the Geneva Theater, Lake Geneva, and Plaza Theater, Burlington.
I like that ELIA works to solve lake ecosystem problems at their sources, plus, I support the focus on building camaraderie and a sense of community around the lake. I think people should join ELIA to learn about the steps they can take to improve the watershed and therefore the lake, plus it’s a good way to meet the many wonderful, interesting people who chose to invest in the community.

Meet Our Secretary, Judy Amundsen

Judy Amundsen
When I married my husband Dan in 1966, I began my association with Eagle Lake.  During those days, the L.T. Vance Cottage (Dan's mom was a Vance) belonged to three of the four L.T. Vance children.  Those three each spent a month out at the lake, although it was typical to come out on Sundays for a big roast beef noon meal.  Dan/I took ownership of the cottage in 1986 and maintained it as a summer residence (we lived in Racine).  Ten years later, we renovated it, put a full basement under it, new windows, etc. and it become our permanent house.  When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I remember fishing during the summers and ice fishing/ice skating in the winter.
What I like best about Eagle Lake is the sense of peace and calm it brings me when I go down to the pier and read a good book. I have been on the board since 1999.  Dick Barta and I were voted 'in' Sept. 1999.  He immediately was elected President and I was elected to be Secretary.
I retired as a Speech Pathologist in Racine Unified's Early Childhood program in 2001, but continued to substitute until 2010.  Now that I am retired, I find that I have no free time!  Being ELIA Secretary takes up a lot of time during the Spring-Fall months.  Right now, I run the Clean Boats-Clean Waters program (we partner with ELMD), take minutes and serve on the Executive Committee.  In past years, I also was the RIPPLES editor, was in charge of the Zinnen Boat Launch Native Species Demonstration Garden (West Shore) and the Welcome-New-Neighbor program.
I also serve on the board of the Mt. Meru Tumaini Health Clinic in Ndoombo, Tanzania (East Africa), and participated in Mission Trips in 2013 and 2017.  My one other major volunteer commitment is serving as the head of the Horlick, Class of '61 reunion committee.  In my FREE time, I really enjoy working on my family genealogy via, compiling the information into 'books' and meeting new relatives that I never knew existed.  Sometimes, gardening becomes a top priority.
ELIA is important to our lake community because it gives residents a chance to determine the long-term 'fate' of the lake.  The lake faces many problems.  Some can be overcome through careful planning, collaborating with local and state agencies, and through being able to volunteer to work on lake restoration and watershed projects.  Residents can no longer afford to sit back and enjoy the lake and hope that others will do the work.  Residents must recognize that everyone needs to 'step it up' and make sure the lake survives in future years.  "Eagle Lake--It's Up To ALL of Us!"

Meet Our Treasurer, Chuck Glover

Chuck Glover
A life long resident of Wisconsin, I'm pleased that my wife Lisa and I found a small summer home on Eagle Lake in 2010.  Weekends were soon filled with family and friends "at the lake", but we often found it difficult to pack up and leave every Sunday.  So in 2014 we moved into our current home in the Eagle Lake Manor and began enjoying lake living all year round.  I've played golf my entire life, and recently resumed league bowling, but there's nothing better than a quiet morning on the dock with a fishing pole in hand.  It's fun to be part of the lake association, because we've met so many lake friends with the same passion for Eagle Lake.  As the Treasurer, I'm kept busy with processing memberships and managing the funds, and recently worked with our team to build this site.  The website work is somewhat ironic, because I recently retired from US Bank after 38 years of IT systems administration and STILL spend too much time on my laptop.  I support the mission of our lake association, and look forward to an expanded partnership with ELMD and the township on lake and watershed improvements.  Communication and involvement is the key for ELIA, and with this new website and a Facebook page, I am confident we'll get the message out there and continue to grow our membership.