Meet The Board
Chuck Glover, Manor
Marie Frederick, East Shore
Mike Heft, Manor
Kathy Johnson, Manor
Jill Frey, Regency Condos
Don Hermes, East Shore
Judy Hibbard, Island
Kat Leunig, North Shore
Pat McGinnis, Island
Jill Miller, Pan Yack Park
Lisa Moulton, Pan Yack Park
Bruce Pett, Manor
Kathie Radwill, Pan Yack Park
Brian Younger, Terrace
Kent Zunker, Regency Condos
Island (open position)
Eagle Bay/Woodlands (open position)

Meet Our President, Chuck Glover

Chuck Glover
A lifelong resident of Wisconsin, I'm pleased that my wife Lisa and I found a small summer home on Eagle Lake in 2010.  Weekends were soon filled with family and friends "at the lake", but we often found it difficult to pack up and leave every Sunday.  So, in 2014 we moved into our current home in the Eagle Lake Manor and began enjoying lake living all year round.  I've played golf my entire life and enjoyed league bowling for many years, but there's nothing better than a quiet morning on the dock with a fishing pole in hand.  It's fun to be part of the lake association, because we've met so many lake friends with the same passion for Eagle Lake.  I served as Treasurer from 2016 until September of 2023, when I was elected to begin a two-year term as President.  Given the steady growth in our membership over the past few years and the enthusiasm shown by the Eagle Lake community, I look forward to continued success of our programs.  I support the mission of our lake association and will strive for an expanded partnership with ELMD and the township on lake and watershed improvements.  Communication and involvement are the keys for ELIA, and you can be sure that these will be top priority going forward.

Meet Our Vice President, Marie Frederick

Marie Frederick
I grew up in Eagle Lake Terrace and for the last 10 years or so, I’ve lived on the East Shore with my husband, Brian, and three of our children.  As the 6th generation of my family to live here, I feel a strong sense of stewardship to maintain the quality of life, preserving land and water. My favorite things about living on Eagle Lake include sunsets coloring the water and sky, watching storms roll across the lake from the west, and being out on the water or ice with family and friends, or just myself. In addition to being an ELIA board member, I’m a commissioner for the Eagle Lake Sewer Utility District, a Kan-Do 4-H leader, a St. Mary-Dover parishioner and active at Catholic Central High School. For work, I’m a tour guide for Milwaukee Food & City Tours, and the Special Events & Public Relations Director for the Geneva Theater, Lake Geneva, and Plaza Theater, Burlington.
I like that ELIA works to solve lake ecosystem problems at their sources, plus, I support the focus on building camaraderie and a sense of community around the lake. I think people should join ELIA to learn about the steps they can take to improve the watershed and therefore the lake, plus it’s a good way to meet the many wonderful, interesting people who chose to invest in the community.

Meet Our Secretary, Mike Heft

Mike Heft
Born and raised in the Chicago area, I was very fortunate to spend summers with my grandparents on Eagle Lake where many fond memories were made.  I enjoyed sunny days of boating, swimming and fishing (great meals too).  In 2000, I began residing here full time enabling me to enjoy peacefulness and beauty every day!  I have recently retired from a fulfilling career in medical imaging.  My current roles include being a director for the Eagle Lake Manor Community Association (ELMCA), support to Eagle Lake Management District (ELMD) weed harvesting and a member of the watershed partnership.  Lake health is a priority to me as well as meeting great people and participating in many neighborhood activities.  I look forward to the privilege of supporting Eagle Lake Improvement Association (ELIA), it’s members and the community, pursuing a better lake environment for future generations.

Meet Our Treasurer, Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson
Born and raised in Racine, until we moved to Florida in 1986.  With all my work experiences, it’s been in finance.  Have enjoyed the last 45 summers on Eagle Lake.  (Even in Florida I’m close to water).  My sons have spent many summers with their grandparents on Eagle Lake.  My oldest learned to fish here and now he’s an avid deep-sea fisherman.  The Eagle Lake community is the greatest place to be.  I’m so happy to be part of the Eagle Lake Improvement Association.