Custom ELIA Flags
Classic Eagle Lake Pier Flag
3x5 Foot
Eagle Lake Logo Flag
3x5 Foot
ELIA Logo Flag
3x5 Foot
New Flag Care
To remove some of the minor folds and wrinkles which might be present when you receive your new flag, click here to read our Flag Care Tips.
To extend the life of your flag, consider lowering or removing your flag when strong winds or stormy conditions are expected.
Another Fun Eagle Lake Tradition
The tradition of flying a flag on shoreline properties has been popular on Eagle Lake for many years, typically with the family name displayed in bold black lettering.  The 3x5 foot flags can be flown on your pier or flagpole to highlight your property for those navigating along your shoreline.
From time to time, we provide members with an opportunity to purchase pier flags at a discount from the normal $30 price.  Orders are generally placed on a monthly basis, with typical turnaround time of 10-14 business days with local delivery provided by a board member.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message to our Information Desk by using the Contact Us page of our website.  If you are ready to order, visit the Online Store.
Value vs. Durability
As with most products, you can find companies that produce custom flags at a wide range of price points.  When you consider the occasional windy conditions at Eagle Lake, the more you spend will likely dictate how many seasons your flag will last.  If you plan to fly your flag 24 hours 7 days a week, expect to spend at least $150 for a 3x5 foot flag with durability to last multiple seasons.
For the majority of our community members, however, the value of a $30 flag is more appealing even if the flag will have to be replaced every year or two.  The flags we sell through our Online Store are rated for outdoor use, and we always ask the manufacturer to use 4-stitching along all sides of the flag.  To extend the life of your flag, however, it is a good idea to lower or remove your flag when strong winds or stormy conditions are expected.
Flag Features
The flags you order through our Online Store are made of durable polyester fabric, finished with a strengthened canvas header along the left edge with rust-free brass grommets in the corners.  Two flags are sewn into one piece with 4-stitching, a manufacturing option to strengthen the flag edges.  Images are applied to both sides using a dye sublimation printing process and display in the same direction on both sides of the flag (not reversed on the back).  Traditionally, the family last name is used on our Eagle Lake pier flags.
But What About Your Boat?
As you circle around Eagle Lake, identify yourselves to shoreline spectators by flying a custom ELIA boat flag which is also available in our Online Store.  These are created with a finished size of 16"x24" as a standard nautical flag using the same materials and features of the larger 3x5 foot pier flags.  Traditionally, the family last name is printed using bold black lettering, but you might also consider a flag containing the name of your watercraft.
Attaching the flag to your watercraft is most easily accomplished by using zip ties through the grommets and around the railing, bimini frame, or navigation light post.
Shoreline or Pier Flag Poles
The Eagle Lake Improvement Association no longer sells flag pole kits but the parts are readily available at local hardware stores and assembly is fairly easy.  We've created a simple instruction sheet for you to reference if you'd like to create a flag pole on your own.  Keep in mind that the hardware required to fasten a flag pole to your pier will vary if you have a metal or wooden pier, but suggestions for suitable clamps are provided.  To review and print a copy of our materials list and instructions for flag poles, click here.