Eagle Lake Connections
The Eagle Lake Improvement Association depends not only on generous financial support from our members, but must also have a dedicated team of leaders and volunteers to staff our critical activities.  The summer months typically offer a wide range of social events and volunteer opportunities, with many involving only a small commitment of time and flexible scheduling.  Other activities, such as the Welcome New Neighbor program, must be staffed on a year-round basis.  We encourage participation from all community members.
The Eagle Lake Connections program can be described as "Neighbors Meeting Neighbors".  Through the use of the TeamReach mobile app, our members can easily communicate on a variety of topics.  Social groups for kayaking and pickleball have become very popular for spontaneous get-togethers, but we've recently expanded this to include volunteer opportunities as well.
With the start of our Eagle Lake Protection Program in 2023, the vision for this multi-year initiative requires us to find additional ways to educate, inform, and inspire engagement with the community on complex lake issues.  To meet this challenge, the scope of our Eagle Lake Connections program has been expanded.
  • Assist with shoreline projects, including maintenance of the Zinnen Restoration Garden
  • Participate in Clean Boats Clean Waters program
  • Assist at community events, such as the Eagle Lake Regatta and Social
  • Become trained in the process of collecting water and soil samples to assist with phosphorus management
  • Manage inventory and assist with delivery of purchases made through our online webstore
  • Assist with community engagement through email and social media
  • Work with our Secretary to fold, stuff, and prepare Ripples newsletters for mailing
To learn more about the free TeamReach app and receive invitations to join our message groups, click here to send a note to the TeamReach Coordinator through our Contact Us page.
This is just a short sample of activities, which will be updated from time to time.  Our neighborhoods are filled with individuals possessing special knowledge and talents, and most importantly, a willingness to help when needed.  If you'd like to learn more about our volunteer opportunities, or better yet, become involved in the work of the Eagle Lake Improvement Association, please fill out the form and click Submit.
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