Shoreline Restoration
This program incorporates one of our General Mission Goals—to encourage lake residents to be good stewards of the lake—by maintaining a Shoreline Demonstration Garden on the west side of the lake.  This project began in 2004 as part of the Educational component of a DNR Grant.  The teaching site demonstrates the need to use native plant species with long root systems to stabilize shorelines subjected to erosion.  A wide variety of native plants are featured here, along with signage that depicts the need for native plants.
Volunteers around the lake maintain the site throughout the growing seasons via spring cleanup, weeding / mulching the site and introducing new native plants to the site. A walking path through the area and a viewing bench are now in place, so that area residents can spend time enjoying the demonstration garden and learning about native plants.
The demonstration garden sits adjacent to the Zinnen Boat Launch, named after John and Loraine Zinnen, lifelong residents and supporters of the lake association.  These plaques are located at the garden entrance to recognize their many contributions.  The viewing bench was dedicated to Don Hermes in recognition of his tireless efforts to promote and improve Eagle Lake.