Community News
From time to time, we share information related to local events and opportunities as a benefit to our members and the community we serve.  We believe this is a very important part of our mission statement, to not only provide information but also strengthen our relationship with our members.  If you'd like us to include an article on your behalf, please click here to send a request to our Information Desk.
Now that spring is here and the weather is finally improving, we can share news about a fundraiser being conducted by a local high school golf team.  Several golf courses in our area are participating, with an offer of discounted golf to those with this golf coupon card.
For just $25, you can save on a round of golf at nine local courses.  For full details, click this link:
To order your golf discount coupon card, contact East Shore resident Oliver Traxinger.  Oliver is a member of the Burlington High School golf team, and he can be reached (call or text) at (262) 721-6815 or click here to send an email.