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Volunteer Thank You
Posted on Jun 11th, 2018

East shore resident Juanita Yost is a great example of the type of dedicated individuals who support the work of the Eagle Lake Improvement Association.  She and her husband Mike have been responsible for ongoing upkeep of the Zinnen Restoration Garden for the past three years.  The challenges of maintaining an attractive shoreline are pretty obvious at the Zinnen location each spring.  Juanita took advantage of a recent stretch of good weather to tackle the difficult chore of weeding and mulching, and it looks great.  Knowledge of the plantings is a must, to avoid pulling out the good plants with the persistent weeds.  Later this summer, the Yosts will be adding plant markers to assist with identification to support the intended educational goals of the area.  This garden is located on the west shore of Eagle Lake, at the end of Minnetonka Drive in the Terrace.
Do you like to garden?  Would you like to be involved with the ongoing maintenance at Zinnen?  If so, click here to contact us about volunteer opportunities.
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