Regatta Rules

Cardboard Boat Regatta

Remember, this is all for fun!
  • Boat races begin at 3:00 pm.  Arrive early for registration.
  • THE ENTIRE BOAT MUST BE BUILT FROM CARDBOARD AND DUCT TAPE.  No glues, epoxy, nails, caulk, etc.  No waterproofing type paints, no wood, metal, Styrofoam, inflatables or other materials that would aid in buoyancy or add to the rigidness of the cardboard.  This applies to keels, transom, ribs, hulls, etc.
  • Boats must be propelled by paddles, oars or hands only.
  • 50% of the boat must be exposed cardboard.
  • Last year's boat cannot compete.
  • Paint can only be used for decorative purposes.
  • The crew must get IN the boat, not on the boat.  No surfboards allowed.
  • The boat’s passenger area must not be enclosed above the occupant’s shoulders; escape is important if the ship goes down at sea.
  • Crew MUST wear life vests.
  • During the race, the crew must be IN the boat—not towing, holding it between your legs, swimming alongside or allowing life vest to provide floatation for the vessel.
  • Contestants are expected to maintain the decorum and dignity of a yachtsman and not behave like pirates.  Remember, this is all for fun!
  • Boat design is left to the builder’s imagination.  Creativity is encouraged and costumes are allowed.  The judges decide on the interpretation of the rules.  No bribing the judges.  Upon completion of the competition each team must take their creation home.
To build upon the momentum of a strong inaugural event in 2017, the board has decided to once again organize the Eagle Lake Regatta and Social.  August 11th has been chosen as the date, with the event to once again include the hilarious cardboard boat competition, kayak races, and social activities throughout the afternoon at Michael's restaurant.  Plan to participate, or just watch from the shoreline, but don't miss this one.  Races begin at 3:00 pm but plan to arrive early.  Register at the ELIA Welcome Table for information and beverage tickets.  The social will immediately follow racing, and will continue until 7:00 pm at Michael's.  We hope to see you there!