President's Letter
Welcome to the new Eagle Lake Improvement Association website!!
Eagle Lake is a valuable resource for the recreation and natural beauty it affords all of us.  Preserving the quality of the lake is important because it is the centerpiece of our community, providing us all with intangible positive experiences.  It may be a walk near the water, paddling a kayak or canoe, fishing, or just sitting by the water enjoying the view -- we all enjoy the lake in our own way.  As stewards of Eagle Lake, it is our responsibility to protect and enhance this precious resource -- today, and in the future.  Your Eagle Lake Improvement Association is devoted to making Eagle Lake better, and the Eagle Lake community a better place to live.
Our vision for this new website is that it evolves into a valuable information resource for the community -- a sort of "Eagle Lake Information Center".  Here are some of the questions you will be able to get answered, and functions you can accomplish through the website:
  • "Today is the annual fireworks day and it looks like rain -- are the fireworks "on" for tonight?"
  • "I understand there is a big project going on with one of the inlet streams -- how do I find out about that?"
  • You can pay your annual membership dues on the website -- save the time of writing a check and the cost of a stamp!
  • "I'm new to the lake.  I understand there is some type of welcome manual.  How do I get one, and when is this year's Welcome New Neighbor gathering?"
  • The latest pictures of Eagle Lake life and activities will be available to view.
  • "What is the date of the Eagle Lake Regatta this year?  I really enjoyed the canoe/kayak races and the cardboard boat races last year!"
  • "I'm looking for a used pontoon boat -- are there any for sale around the lake?"
  • "I need to get in touch with Susie Smith who I think lives in the Condos, but I don't have her email address."
  • "When do I need to have my pier out of the water this fall?"
  • "My neighbor said there was a good article recently about the phosphorus problems in the lake -- would that be out on the website?"
  • The annual calendar of events will be posted.
It will take some time before the website becomes part of the mainstream of lake communication.  Stay with us!  We hope you will find it useful and informative.  We also welcome your ideas and feedback, so click here to send an email to our website coordinator.
Brian Younger, ELIA President