Watershed Task Force
The Eagle Lake Watershed Task Force (ELWTF) incorporates one of our General Mission Goals--to take collaborative action to improve Eagle Lake and its watershed—by participating in this joint effort with the Eagle Lake Management District (ELMD).  The goal of the ELWTF is to reduce the amount of sediment and phosphorus entering Eagle Lake from the watershed (as opposed to addressing issues within the lake itself).  The ELWTF is comprised of Board members from ELIA, ELMD, the Town of Dover Board, and watershed landowners.  ELIA is a major force behind this committee, and our board President serves as chair.  Some expenditures – including administrative costs -  have been split between ELIA and ELMD; others are funded from grants and other fundraising.  To demonstrate our strong commitment, the board of the Eagle Lake Improvement Association recently voted to contribute $5,000 to this project in 2018.
The major project planned for 2018 is the Oakcrest Creek Project, which seeks to restore one of the main inlets to Eagle Lake to its natural state.  Estimated cost is $75,000, and several activities are underway to secure funding.  Updates will be posted on this website and on our Facebook page.
Brian Younger, ELIA
Doug McLemore, ELMD
Kathy Aron, Consultant
Jay Golla, ELMD
Barney Lavin, Farmer
Ken LaVelle, Resident
Marie Frederick, ELIA
Bill Koutsis, Resident
Craig Helker, DNR
Don Hermes, ELIA
Sam Stratton, Town of Dover
This will be a highly visible project, given its location next to Michael's restaurant.  If you would like to make a positive impact in the health of our lake, you may contribute directly to the Oakcrest Creek Restoration Project Fund.  Please click the button below.
Fund Donation